It was getting late in the evening but I wasn’t about to let Brett sneak off to bed with out giving me some pussy satisfaction first. It took a little coaxing, a little teasing and soon he was jello in my hands. Haha I guess that is not quite the right terminology to use since is lower head was anything but flaccid.
I got to feel all the blood rush into his cock while it was deep in my mouth. I love that feeling, really gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes my pussy juicy wet. My pussy was so wet in fact that I could not wait to get the newly stiff rod inside of it. Not that a blow job doesn’t do it for me but come on… you have to admit banging that pussy is all the better. And bang my pussy he did. Banged it hard and deep and then squirted his load all over the outside of it so I could have myself a little taste of the sweet man milk I had helped him build up.