Customer Support

Username and Password are being rejected

#1.) Make sure you are typing in you username and password the same way you typed them when you choose them. Capitols have to be capitolized; e is not the same as E.

#2.) If your credit card has recently expired or it was declined on rebilling your access has been shut off and your account has been closed. You will have to sign back up to regain members area access.

#3.) Your password was used by a hacker to enter my members area. I have a script to detect this sort of thing and cut abused passwords off right away. Sorry for this inconveince but it is a neccessary step I needed to take.

Please contact me (include your username in the e-mail please) and I will be happy to assist you:

I do write every e-mail back with in 24 hours, usually less. Please make sure to accept my e-mails, many ISP's are automatically blocking it. Since my e-mail is web based and it is associated with a porn site quite often my e-mail back to you will end up in your Spam/Junk/Trash folder. Please check there before writing me again. Thank you.

Cancel your subcription to my site
1st choice - If you signed with Netbilling (try here first): CANCEL HERE

2nd choice - CCBill credit card: CANCEL HERE phone: CANCEL HERE check: CANCEL HERE

Any other problems or questions

Members should contact me through the two way messenger located inside my members area. All others please use the link below. Please be specific with your problem or question so I can help you efficiently.